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How Collaboration and Culture Drive a Successful and Connected Digital Workplace

When experts share success stories about the Digital Workplace, they usually mention company culture and customer focus. Another important aspect to DW success is collaboration. 

Using Collaboration to Connect Culture and a Customer Focus

If collaboration helps build a connected digital workplace, in what ways does collaboration and culture help your company focus on the customer?  Investopedia describes companies who make connections with customers, company, and suppliers as “Customer-Focused Company Cultures.” 

Your success as a digital workplace leader increases when your company is customer-focused and employees adopt a collaborative mindset. Happy employees make for happy customers.  Actions and behaviors in a successful and connected digital workplace include: 

  1. Using a collaborative and customer-focused company culture as a context for implementing new processes and technologies efficiently and effectively.
  2. Incorporating real-time collaboration technologies to solve problems with customers and employees.

Creating the Experience

Consider the skills and abilities required to focus on connecting, communicating and collaboration. These skills include listening for the benefit of customers, company and suppliers and collaborating to solve problems. Mastering these skills over time, and ensuring the people in your organization master these skills, ensures digital transformation initiatives will make a meaningful difference.

Determining Success: Happy Employee and Customer Experiences

If you’ve created successful customer and employee experiences, you should be able to answer the following questions in the affirmative:

  1. “Are employees and customers inspired to interact with new processes and technologies in the context of this company culture?”
  2. “Do actions/behaviors of employees and customers reflect a collaborative mindset around sharing information?” 
  3. “Do customers, employees and vendors openly discuss successes, challenges and future plans?”

Taking Collaboration and Culture to the Next Level

The most effective way to take digital transformation to the next level is collaborate as a community. Take the opportunity to share your successes, challenges and lessons learned at the CONNECT Conference.

Building a successful digital workplace experience can improve both the employee experience and the customer experience.