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A Learning Story for Digital Transformation and the Employee Journey

Do you wonder why, despite leadership’s best intentions on digital transformation initiatives, employees are not rushing to adopt these new technologies? You are not alone. Let’s look at an example from the HR space, introduced in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report. 

The Deloitte report cites that “learning is the top-rated challenge” and that “changes in technology, longevity, work practices, and business models have created a tremendous demand for continuous, lifelong development.”

Leading organizations are responding to this trend, by personalizing the learning experience and integrating learning tools into the employees’ day-to-day work experience.

However, similar to other digital transformation initiatives, employees still aren’t putting time toward these personalized learning experiences, while continuing to demand continuous learning.

How can your leader close these gaps between the employees’ demand for continuous learning, and adoption of the new technologies that provide it, with the end goal being to energize the employee journey effectively?

Actions Steps for Leaders—Change Management through Communication

One important step is to more intentionally communicate the impact these integrated solutions have on the employees’ daily lives. Messaging needs to include stories on the specific ways that integrating digital learning into the day-to-day work environment helps employees.  

  • Provide examples of how the integrated system creates new opportunities for employees to do their best work
  • Emphasize the improved ability to solve their problems – faster, and collaboratively
  • Promote the enhanced relationship with the company that adoption affords – moving it from a transactional to a continuous journey
  • Align job incentives with using a system, i.e. it helps employees adapt more quickly to new business and performance needs, and be more successful

Replacing Experiences to Engage Employees

The common “perks” to face-to-face learning in a structured environment also require attention, to ensure valuable experiences are not lost in the change to a digital, integrated learning system. For example:

  • Networking:  Companies who want employees to build relationships can implement an alternative group experience to achieve these goals.
  • Recharging:  Time out of the office helps employees recharge and return to work refreshed.  Give employees time to attend internal conferences or recharge in other ways.
  • Recognition:  Opportunities to recognize employees’ participation can be moved into the digital arena, and utilize data gathered from the new platforms.
  • “Online Town Halls”, using digital workplace technology, can provide a platform for sharing employees’ experiences with integrated learning.

Using Collaboration and Community to Empower the Employee Journey 

The most effective way to take the employee journey to the next level is by taking collaboration and the power of community to the next level. Take the opportunity to share your successes, challenges and lessons learned at the CONNECT Conference.

Together we can help you build a successful digital workplace experience that positively impacts the business and the customer experience.